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a&s Italy Advertising Award

An award for those who used their budget effectively

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a&s Italy Advertising Award is awarding those companies that used effectively their budget by creating a straightforward and efficient communication campaign. Various communication experts have been involved and they formed a panel of jurors. They evaluated the level of innovation of the message, its simplicity of understanding, immediate impact, originality of sentences, etc.

Why an Award?

Communication is often considered an "extra" by companies. On the contrary, experience tells us that those who reach the target of communication by enhancing their product achieve important and immediate positive feedbacks from the market.

And again, history shows that those who have a great product but can't communicate its added value to the world remain alone in a global market. In such global market communication itself - and the way it's proposed - changes and evolves continuously, while using different, interactive media that go hand in hand with traditional tools.

In such scenario paper still is a firm cornerstone, particularly in the security industry. Providing that communication is not planned randomly or based on improvisation. When, such as now, there are budget constraints, it's even more important to reach the reader in a simple, quick and efficient manner.

Why a&s Italy?

Holding a leadership position entails responsibilities.
a&s Italy has an extremely high market share, thus representing the widest and most qualified showcase for communication strategies of companies working in the security industry.
Ethos Media Group is a publisher, and therefore very attentive to the topic of advertisers' return on investment. The value of communication is a resource, a strong growth element supporting the growth of the market: that's why we decided to repeat annually this initiative, so that it will become a fixed date to boost the industry.

In order to achieve this result, the support (in terms of cooperation and support) of Assosicurezza, an important Italian security association, has been essential.

In 2014 the panel has evaluated the ADV on 2013 a&s Italy.

2014 Edition

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